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I Call This Series...

I Poop.

3-19-10 I Poop
If only you could hear her about now... Yikes.

3-19-10 I Poop(1)
Taking a breath.

3-19-10 I Poop(2)
Fists clenched, pulling hair... pooping is hard work!

3-19-10 I Poop(3)
ah. Success.

This would have been much more hilarious on video. You should hear this girl. She is by far the noisiest baby I have ever seen. She never stops making noises. All night long even. At least I never had to worry about the whole "is my baby still breathing" thing. :)


Sweet Blessings and a Promise (to myself)

I was looking back at this little notebook I had been keeping for Sophie with all the little things she's doing and I got so upset when I realized I had just stopped writting in it around 12 months! There are so many things I know I wanted to remember between then and now. I thought surely I could pull some things off my blog, but I just haven't been good at blogging either! I have been racking my brain trying to remember as many things as I can, but it made me realize how good blogging is just for my own sake. So, I have promised myself that I am going to be more faithful at blogging so that I can hang on to each of those special little memories.

So, here is the first post in keeping my promise to myself:

3-1-10 Big and Little Sister(BW(

My how the Lord has blessed us! We love having two sweet little girls. It's been a little crazy with having the stomach flu and other illnesses, no sleep, plus just the adjustment of having a new little one, but we are still loving being a family of four.

Miss Maggie is not the best sleeper, but neither was her big sister. Sophie is a fantastic sleeper now. She cracks me up at how much she loves to go to bed. I'm sure it helps that she and her Daddy have a fun bedtime routine that she loves so much.


This little porkchop has more than surpassed her birthweight and at 2 weeks was already at 7lbs 10oz. I can guarantee you that she weighs more than that now at 3 weeks. She is already starting to look so big to me! Today she was trying to coo at us. I love those little new baby coos!


I can't wait to see what kind of personality this little one will have. Will she be serious like Josh thought in the beginning or will she follow in her sister's footsteps and be a goofball?


Sophie girl is adjusting pretty good. She loves "her baby" and always wants to go see where "her Maggie" is. She loves kissing on her and really wants to poke her eyes... yep, gotta keep an eye on her! She loves to help me throw away diapers and hand me pacis. Yes, as you can see, Sophie still has a paci too. Judge me if you want, but she likes it so much that I hate to take it away! She only gets it at bedtime, but today we are having a sick day so we're breaking the rules a little. When she woke up this morning, I asked her (in my sad voice) if she was doing okay. She just looked at me and matter-of-factly said "I'm find. Don't worry, Mommy." Like she was some kind of grown up! Love that girl!

3-1-10 I want to go to the pool

She likes to put the boppy pillow around her waist and say "I wanna go to the pool!"


This morning she put her pants on all by herself and started jumping up and down screaming "I did it! I did it!" Very proud moment in a two year olds life.

Love this life that I have been blessed with! Somedays I have to remind myself of that when I am so sleepy and just want a shower... :)

Lisa Leonard Necklaces

I absolutely love all things made by Lisa Leonard! Well, I just love hand stamped jewelry anyway, but Lisa's stuff is just so creative and beautiful... Anyway, check out her newest necklace created for Mommy's who have lost a sweet little one. It's just so sweet and such a fantastic idea! I know I have never lost a child, but speaking as one who has suffered a great loss in losing my Dad, I would say that having something tangible to grasp onto to remind you of that person... well, it just really is comforting! If you know anyone who might be blessed by this necklace, pass the word on to them to go leave a comment on her blog because she will be giving 2 of these away!


This is the Day the Lord Has Made

I really wanted to post something about my Dad on the 30th, but just couldn't bring myself to do it. In the past, I have found it very theraputic to blog on the "sad days" but on this anniversary of his death I just couldn't find words. I blame a lot of it on pregnancy hormones, but most of it is just that I really really miss him.

The thought that continually ran through my head the week of Christmas and the anniversary of our loss, was that even that day was the day the Lord had made. Even though I think the verse in Psalm 118 is talking about a specific day, the Lord did still make each day. He determined before hand what things would take place on those days. He knew, before my Dad was even created in his mothers womb, that December 30th, 2006. would be the day he would join Him in eternity. Even the worst day of my life, was the day (and the way) the Lord had made it.

I continually have to remind myself that this great loss was not meant as evil towards me (or my family), but was meant for good for my Dad. Even though it doesn't take the pain away, or even make it less... it is still good for me to remember that my God is GOOD and not evil.

Thank you to all who remembered me on the 30th. I am just overwhelmed sometimes by the love and kindness of the people of God. You are all such a blessing to me! I have thought a lot about the number of people who blessed me at the time of Dad's death. Some in very practical ways, some with words, some with prayer, some with stories and memories, and some with shared tears... it's still an overwhelming thought! And the Lord continues to burden people's hearts to bless me even 3 years later!

My heart aches for Andy and Jenica as they have very fresh and real grief right now. Each loss is unique and painful in a specific way. No one can completely understand another's loss, but we can commit to pray the best we can for those who's arms are empty tonight. Please pray for this wonderful couple as they miss their sweet Daisy.


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