I Call This Series...

I Poop.

3-19-10 I Poop
If only you could hear her about now... Yikes.

3-19-10 I Poop(1)
Taking a breath.

3-19-10 I Poop(2)
Fists clenched, pulling hair... pooping is hard work!

3-19-10 I Poop(3)
ah. Success.

This would have been much more hilarious on video. You should hear this girl. She is by far the noisiest baby I have ever seen. She never stops making noises. All night long even. At least I never had to worry about the whole "is my baby still breathing" thing. :)


April Nienhuis said...

haha! Every time I see a baby poop I think of Josh. It always reminds me of him getting a laugh out of watching Layla and her poop expressions.

Teresa Marler said...

hahaha. Good pictures.

Anonymous said...

What a cute outfit! She is a noisy baby. I love her little purring. :)


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